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 process is influenced by his desire to achieve a mental synthesis, or "Harmony," conceived in terms of Dionysius of Halicarnassus, denoting a fusion between painful technique and conscious technical criterion. The artist seeks to recover a "poetics of proportions" that is intensely personal and reflects his individual perception of beauty, aiming to eternalize beauty in sculptural forms that range from humanized historical interpretations, like his "Christ de Alleray," to more abstract and modern explorations like in "Dance" and "Nathalie." In each piece, a balance is perceived between the hollow and the brightness, between the plane and the rhythm, manifesting a po etics of space and movement that challenges conventions and celebrates the new figure of a "nouveau romantisme." Tagliazucchi's sculptures are never aggressive towards the material but rather show a loving transformation of matter into sculptural messages that are both "nobly and robustly lyrical." His works, therefore, not only reflect bold formal innovation but also a deep respect and love for the materials he uses. His ability to narrate through metaphor and passion positions him as an artist of a "fragile century," struggling with matter to manifest visions from the real to the possible. His sculptures not only embody the "beauty" of contradictions but also serve as a bridge to a Mediterranean soul, between the terrestrial and the celestial, between Eros and art, highlighting his mastery in exploring and harmonizing spaces between existential dualities. This interpretation of Roberto Tagliazucchi's work offers us a panorama of the deep connections between his art, his philosophy, and his ongoing dialogue with material and form, positioning him as a prominent sculptor in the contemporary landscape that continually celebrates the transformative power of sculpture.

our best news

Maria Stone

on apr 16, 2024


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