Our best news!

Our best news!

Dear friend of art, Dear art friend, I am enthusiastic about sharing with you my artistic project, a work to which I have dedicated years of study and meditation, embodying a universal message of love, tolerance, and compassion. My “Christ on the Cross” is a work to which I’ve devoted passion and commitment, but now I need your help to bring it to completion. The initial phases of this project have been an incredible journey. To achieve its realization, I need to overcome some financial obstacles. To complete the aluminum fusion of the sculpture, build the external structure, and install the work, I require the generous support of people like you. The beauty of art lies in its power to inspire and unite people, and with your contribution, you can become, alongside other supporters, an essential element in this cultural project that promotes fundamental values in our society. Every contribution, whether large or small, will be precious. Join me and all those who believe in the importance of art, culture, and solidarity. Together, we can make the creation of “Christ on the Cross” possible and share this message of hope that descends from Him, to whom I wanted to attribute it. To make a donation, simply click on https://fr.tipeee.com/robertotagliazucchi/

Every gesture of support is a step forward in creating a work that will continue to inspire and unite people in future generations. A heartfelt thank you for your generosity and support. Together, we can transform this artistic dream into a wonderful reality. With gratitude,

Our best news!

Maria Stone

on apr 16, 2024


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