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    Artistic Presentation of Roberto Tagliazucchi's Sculptures

    Roberto Tagliazucchi is a sculptor whose work is distinguished by deep intellectuality and a continual search for harmony, as highlighted by critics. His works reflect an intense "intellectual anxiety" and a deep human culture that permeates his sculptural creations. Through his hands, inert materials come to life in forms that evoke tangible and dynamic emotions, engaging the audience in an emotional journey through the plasticity of his works. Tagliazucchi's sculptures are driven by a "strong and significant plastic boldness," as stated in critical texts, showcasing not only his manual skill but also a dedicated and passionate process of selecting and shaping forms. This

    by Maria Stone on apr 16, 2024

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    Our best news!

    Project Description In my artistic project, the sculpture of Christ, symbolic in its secularism, is placed inside a square. The square symbolically represents the Earth, of which the sculpture is an integral part, held together by the four ends of the sculpture itself. It’s important to note that the two arms of the lateral cross hold the square together. The project will be realized in polished aluminum, allowing light to reflect on the surface and emphasizing the figure of Christ, thus accentuating the beauty and symbolism of the artwork.

    by Maria Stone on apr 16, 2024

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